Bulk SMS and IVRS to Boost Sales and Customer Service in Real Estate

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Technology has not left any industry untouched, though slow to catch up, the real estate industry in a bid to stay relevant has started to adopt the latest technologies. As per research, more than 70% of the buyers do their research on a real estate project which includes the value of the property, builder reputation, location, neighborhood, etc. online and as much as 85% of the agents use messaging to communicate with their prospective and existing customers. That has only prompted the real estate business to invest more in the latest technologies and also concentrate on their online presence.

But having said that after an initial research prospective buyers would like to have a chat with the developer or the real estate agents to proceed further. That is where the IVRs and bulk SMS come into the picture as no business would like to lose customers to their competition because they missed the call from their buyers. The real estate agents and developers after the initial conversation with their prospective buyers can then use SMS alerts and notifications to lure them with reminders, offers, and other details.

IVR and Bulk SMS services can boost sales and customer service. Here’s how

Placing ads may be a great way to attract the customer but to boost sales following has to be done:

Advantages of IVR

A call always gets answered: A prospective customer of a real estate project tries to reach out in one of the two ways.


Through a phone call: The phone number listed on the website or an advertisement is one of the ways customers may reach out to the business. When that happens it is critical that they reach the right person and also get the right answers to their queries. Having an IVR service in place will ensure that the call is routed to the agent and the response time and waiting time is less and also no customer call is left unattended.

Ask for a call back by leaving contact information on the website: Having an interesting looking contact form on the website with a call to action like call now or take immediate action so that it helps the customer to reach an agent who will provide relevant information.

Call center with distributed agents: Large scale developers with projects in many cities can provide better customer service with the help of distributed call centers. Through efficient and easy handling of customers.

By promptly responding to customer requests the leads that you get can turn into sales and also leads to better customer service.

Advantages of Bulk SMS

A quality lead can turn into sales when the business can tempt customers to make the purchase. Some of the ways are

  • Sending relevant information: The best way to boost sales is to send photos of the property, location, etc. through SMS to attract them.
  • Send notifications: The bulk SMS can be used to send offers and promo codes so that the prospective buyers can opt-in or subscribe. Once the customer opts-in then you can send reminders and alerts on your various projects and help increase sales.
  • Send instant responses: The bulk SMS service has the option to auto-respond by sending relevant information about the property instantly enhancing the customer service experience which can potentially convert to sales.

Effective and efficient adoption of technology by the real estate industry will not only help provide better customer service experience but also increase sales in this competitive industry. So what are you waiting for Call Now!