Cothas coffee’s new stores increase their footfall by 2X with a campaign from SandeshLive

About Cothas Coffee

Cothas Coffee is India’s leading manufacturer, established in 1948, and a leading exporter of filter coffee powder, operating more than 27 company-owned retail outlets, corporate beverage solutions for leading companies, tech parks, and airports all over India.

Business Challenge

Cothas Coffee has recently opened its new stores in various locations across south India and wanted to reach out to its customers informing them about the launch of the new stores.
Brand awareness and an increase in footfall, driving sales in their new stores are the two main objectives behind their campaigns. Along with SMS, they are strongly working over various other marketing channels creating a brand awareness campaign in certain locations and tracking the ROI of the campaign.


Sandeshlive provides an SMS Campaign Solution helping Cothas Coffee reach a mass audience to their curated locations. A segmented data based on geographical and demographic data for a launch campaign with trackable links providing analytical metrics in tracking marketing performance.

Business Benefits

Sandeshlive message campaign enabled Cothas Coffee to segment its target customers by launching a trackable campaign which results in a click-through rate of over 3% and increased store footfall by 2X.

“We are doing brand awareness campaigns through various channels.  Sandeshlive has helped us in reaching out to a mass audience and our stores have received a good amount of inquiries post the message campaigns.”

– J Somanath – Marketing Head