Pep Up Auto Sales and Customer Service via Bulk SMS and IVR Solution

The automobile industry has witnessed great growth in the past decade or so due to the technological advancements in the management and production systems. Many emerging markets opened up in this period and have seen growth too but there is great competition in the market which has brought several challenges to the industry. Only those that adopt the latest innovative techniques and provide value to customers can hope to survive. Customer communication strategy is an important aspect that all automobile companies should follow. Read below to learn how communications solutions like IVR and bulk SMS can help improve customer service and also boost sales.


Advantages of IVR

Helps provide a better customer experience: Helps in the customer having a more positive experience as he/she is not on hold for a long time. Instead, they are selecting options based on the prompts and getting answers to their queries or knowing about the status. Using an IVR, an automobile dealer can provide better customer engagement thereby helping the business to grow.

Allows to grow business cost-effectively: If you are an auto-dealer and plan to grow your business within the city by having multiple branches instead of looking for additional phone support having an IVR system in place is a cost-efficient way of doing it. The IVR service providers have a variety of pricing options based on the size of the business, but eventually, it helps to improve your business.


Makes it easy to reach you: There are many dealers all across the country for a single automobile company. Each of these dealers will have a different contact number making it difficult for the customer to reach the dealer. Using an IVR system, the company can have a toll-free number that can use the featured of the system to assign the call to the dealer requested by the customer or get routed based on the locality of the customer. All this not only makes it cost-effective but also boosts sales and improve customer experience.

Available 24/7: The major benefit of an IVR system that adds to the positive customer experience is that it is available 24/7 and that makes it convenient to call after office hours or on holidays. They get assistance and get it as and when needed. Moreover, the IVR system can repeat prompts and give customers more time and the language and voice used is clear and understandable.

Advantages of Bulk SMS

People spend a large chunk of their day using their smartphone and bulk SMS is one of the most efficient ways to reach customers.

  • Increased productivity: Sending bulk SMS instead of calling every customer saves a lot of time and effort. SMS services can effectively be used to provide appointment schedules, reminders, cancel options and much more all boosting productivity and making it cost-effective.
  • Conduct promotions and offers which can boost sales: Promotional sales and offers can be sent to leads and existing customers instantly increasing the chances of sales.
  • Target the right demographics: The bulk SMS service will have options to send personalized messages using templates and also allows to organize contacts so that you can send messages in bulk and boost sales.


IVR and bulk SMS are some of the best tools for better communication and marketing which can improve your business. Many businesses have started making use of it and don’t be left behind Call Right Away to inquire more about it.