Virtual Number

Incoming calls are organised.

Make your customer happy :)

Now your customer getting served by department,
it may be day or night, with the power of inteligent
routing mechanism.

Virtual Number Benefits

A wide catalogue of songs: Recent Bollywood hits, regional film songs, devotional and many more.
Non film music: Shayari, pranks, mimicry of Bollywood stars, thoughts, inspiring quotes, soothing
instrumentals and sounds of nature, among more.

  • Revenue Measurement

  • Re Marketing

  • Anywhere / Everywhere

  • One for All

Virtual Number Features

A wide catalogue of songs: Recent Bollywood hits, regional film songs, devotional and many more.

  • IVRS

    Greet your user with proffessional voice 24*7, and ask for input to distribute calls right department.

  • Call History

    Track missed call, received calls, operators. and your advertisement performance on the web.

  • Call Recording

    For monitoring and improvement all calls can be recorded and access using web management tools.

  • Number never busy

    Now no busy tone, multiple calls can be handle at the same time and routed to alternate operator.

  • Ring method

    Ring all, Sequential and Round robin call will be distributed with advance distribution methods.

  • Music on hold

    Now promote your product while your client is on hold. Your telephone generate revenue for business.

  • Web Management

    On the go access your telephone for monitor, configure and management. Improves productivity.

  • Voice mail

    Option to receive voice mail in office off hours or holidays, listen voice when you are avialble.

  • CRM Integration

    Powerful API is available to integrate with your CRM. CRM will merge the communicaiton with the client.

  • Direct Extension

    Your customer will reach directly with the desired operator by dialling the extension.

  • SMS Notification

    SMS will deliver to caller with greetings or various information and operator with call details.

  • Black list

    This features enables to restrict unwanted calls. Save your valuable business time.

Intelligent Architecture

Powerful features in an elegant, straightforward API

  • Redudancy

    Failover resources configured for highly availability of service.

  • Service UPTIME SLA

    We do make agreement for the service uptime for your peace of mind.

  • MultiLayer Security

    The infra secured with Apps level, OS level and Network level on the cloud.

  • Unmatched Support

    Engineers are avilable for Email, Phone, Chat support for your query.