7 Game-Changing Ways to Get More Customers in 2020

A business be it big or small, business owners should take appropriate measures to ensure constant growth and scale new heights. Even the most successful company looks to develop new strategies to remain at the top of their game and improving sales. Listed below are some game-changing strategies that can get you more customers in the coming year.  

Voice-based search

Search engines continue to top the list of most-visited websites in the world and in 2020 this is going to lean towards voice-based search. As per a recent survey, in the next year, one in two of the searches that are conducted will be voice-based. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Ok Google and Bixby are names that consumers will be using often. The same strategy that is used for traditional SEO may not be applicable for voice-search, hence you need to prepare your business to be friendly to AI so that you get the desired level of visibility.  

Mobile adaptation:

If you are thinking about how to get new customers to my business then opting for a mobile marketing strategy is a must and not optional. These devices are used for searching products or services on the internet, checking reviews, price comparisons, networking, emails, and many other activities. So companies need to make their websites mobile-friendly and optimize it for providing the best customer experience if they want to acquire new customers.  

Content marketing:

Content marketing is the key to any business as people search for informative and relevant content. Having a blog section on your website that provides interesting and informative articles so that your brand looks professional is vital. That will help to gain more attention and also get clients for a new business. Another content marketing strategy is to share high-quality content on social media platforms so that it gets shared and the word is spread.  

Local search:

This type of marketing is about putting your business on the map during local searches when customers are searching for a business like that of yours. This is a great way to find new customers and increase sales. But to achieve that you should optimize your company information so that there is increased marketing reach both through social and search options. The best practices that you follow for regular search also works on local searches too. Another important inclusion is customer reviews, ensure your business responds as and when needed to mentions.  

Marketing Automation:

Just like everything else that is evolving, marketing has also evolved a lot in the past years and marketing automation is the only way forward. Gone are the days when you need to hire people to sit at a computer and keep sending emails or posting data every day or on specific days of the week. Now, all you need is a marketing automation software that will help you schedule and send marketing material in advance, thereby saving you time and money. In marketing automation, you have the additional benefit of customizing offers or deals as per individual customers, which can ensure that you are tapping the right buttons in order to get to a sale!  

Seamless communication:

As per a recent survey by Salesforce Research, it was identified that seamless communication is critical for 80% of the people who have ended up making a purchase of a product or a service. Hence, in 2020, businesses need to focus on ramping up their speed to offer a flawless customer experience which will directly impact the incoming numbers as well as the conversion rates.  

Analysis and review of strategy:

To remain competitive in business it is essential to stay updated and plan further actions taking into consideration new trends. Proper analysis and review of the data will show the results of campaigns, improvement areas and the ROI of the approaches you have taken so far. Using this analysis you can understand how effective the marketing campaign has been, and act accordingly. A strategy review will aid in finding the improvement areas so that you can refine them. The above-mentioned strategies are not new but they have still not lost their effectiveness and will continue to bring new customers in 2020 too if done properly.