How Bulk SMS Can Help Your Business with Better Customer Retention

Let’s talk about relationships that have lasted for longer than you thought. You must have by now realized that they have only added to the personal growth and stability. This has been ensured by the fact that one has made an effort to keep in touch, communicate, share and add value. Such is the client-customer relationship also.

It has been reported that 44% of the companies are focused on customer acquisition as compared to only 18% customer retention. Exactly why

Customer retention and marketing

Customer Retention often ignored on the larger front as a part of the business strategy is of utmost importance!

There are various experiential marketing strategies that service providers, brands are resorting to. However, nothing guarantees the success of establishing an emotional connect with the customers as much as Bulk SMSing does.

Messaging is a time tested tool that has helped people bond over the years in virtual times.  So, Bulk SMS servicing is something one needs to incorporate in their marketing strategies.

Bulk SMS & Customer retention strategies

Automated SMS mailing reaches recipients at the speed of 200–500 SMS per second on 800 networks in over 200 countries around the world. This is how bulk SMS is revolutionalizing the marketing world with cheaper investment and long-time benefits. Before we claim such big notions let’s get into the depths of what, why and how’s of the same.

SMS s are reliable and instant.  According to reliable sources, 98% of messages sent are opened and 83% of them are opened within 3 minutes. It has also been noted that 78% of customers are comfortable with texting if it has to do with business-related queries.

Importance of Customer Retention

Important of Customer Retention

According to reliable sources, the customer base of most companies continuously keeps getting replaced by a set of new customers for customers who have plenty of options to explore from these days. This suggests that the growth rate hits an indescribable low at some point in time. However, in the initial stages, the business owners remain unaware of it. To never have to go through this, Customer Retention becomes an important idea to have been inculcated in the initial stages of the business growth strategies.

To be noted: Harvard Business School research suggests, that by increasing one’s retention rates by just 5%, one will increase your profits by 25%.


Bulk SMS as a marketing strategy

To put some more perspective, it is important to understand fully why one should opt for Bulk SMS as a marketing strategy, in addition to other high-end marketing strategies even when one has enough resources. Let’s divide this section into one where the business owner has just started the enterprise and the second for the well-established ones.


Bulk SMS services for small-time business owners/entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship has become the buzz word in the present times. Women from the confines of their homes in smaller cities and towns/ people from rural sections are able to start their own small-time businesses and earn their livelihood because there is enough demand for various kinds of products. People are open to exploring their choices but the point is whether people get to know about the best choices available. Often times these first-time business owners don’t fail because of their products but because of their failure to market it well and in time.

It is important to take action in time and market their products to reach their potential customers. With expensive experiential marketing services and brands almost reaching the doorstep of the customers, the competition is immense. In such a situation, Bulk SMS plays an angel with invisible wings. Messaging is one of the most intimate ways of communication. Communication is the key here and phones are anyway everywhere!

Bulk SMS comes handy in times when one wants to connect to the customer on a personal level but also ensures that one also invests only a required amount of time in doing so.

Listed below are the few kinds of SMS s you can send across to your potential customers”

– You are in business now SMS

– Adition of new services alert

Discounts, offers, specially curated offers for certain customers

Reminder SMS

– Asking for a feedback SMS

– Confirmation and Thank you SMS

– Festival wish posts

These posts are well-curated, strategized at the minimal rate and will ensure a consistent presence of the brand/ product.  It is definitely a cost-effective marketing strategy with the best of the returns.

Bulk SMS for the well-established business owners/entrepreneurs

Big banners and social media posts are definitely an effective way of banking on some good returns but there is no guarantee. The best possible way is to establish a one-on-one relationship with customers, we all know. Being a company that the customer understands to be very big and their contributions to it might not change the fate of the company, it only going to make the customer feel special and grateful for the special attention you’re showering. It adds to the customer value and also creates a brand image that is humble.

Hence, bulk SMS services assure businesses of not only customer retention but also maintenance of steady public relations in the most cost-effective way possible.