How school use bulk SMS to get more interaction with parents

Bulk SMS service involves the delivery of a large number of SMS messages to different mobile terminals. The service is currently used by enterprises, media companies, consumer brands, banks, department stores as well as educational organizations. In fact, plenty of schools have started employing the SMS service for schools to keep the parents of their students up to date about the various activities happening at school.

Bulk SMS Service for Schools

Good communication is the key to running an educational institution successfully. This includes sharing vital information with parents and guardians on time. The traditional methods of sharing information are not as reliable as SMS messages due to postal delays, interception by students and so on. The explosion of mobile open all over the country has ensured that there is at least one mobile phone at the home of each student. So bulk SMS messages are a great way to reach parents on time without any interruption.


Top Uses of Bulk SMS for School


Fee reminder SMS to parents

The bulk SMS services are a great way to send timely reminders to parents about fee due dates. This way, parents can make sure that the fees are paid on time without incurring any fine.

Holiday message to parents from school

A bulk SMS service can be put to good use by sending out holiday messages to parents. These messages can be sent during school vacations to remind students about their holiday homework or during religious festivals to wish students and their families.

Reminders on Parent-Teacher Meetings

Bulk SMS services are a great tool in reminding parents about upcoming parent-teacher meetings. Some students try to prevent their parents from turning up for the meeting by no passing on information about the time and date of the meeting. This problem can be overcome with the help of bulk SMS services, as the SMS is sent directly to the parents’ mobile phones. It also acts as a reminder system for parents about upcoming meetings.

Exam & Result Alert

In the earlier days, parents had to rely on what their children told them about exam dates, results and so on. Even though educations institutions used the postal service to send out letters to the parents, it would sometime get lost, or even intercepted by students en route. However, the bulk SMS system ensures that parents receive timely alerts about exam dates as well as results, keeping them in the loop at all times.

Alerts on unexpected events

With the recent climate changes being experienced across the globe, bulk SMS services have become even more useful in intimating parents about unexpected school holidays due to heavy rains, floods, etc. It can also be used to inform parents about unexpected events like extra classes, special events and so on.

Information About Homework

An SMS to parents from schools is a great way of ensuring that children complete their homework every day on time. Since parents receive an SMS regarding the details for each subject, they can ensure that their kids complete it before going to school the following day. It is extremely useful for students who took a leave of absence due to poor health.

Performance Notifications

The teachers are able to reach out more to parents via the bulk SMS systems as they get inform parents about how their children are performing in class. This is very useful in ensuring that the parents are on track about the performance of their children and provide necessary backup for their children at home.