Seven Promising Communication Channels to Improve Your Brand Presence

Marketing plays an important role in establishing a relationship with potential as well as existing customers. With the astonishing growth in technology these days, the types of channels available for marketing your products or services have also increased.  Brand Communication is essential for a company to be successful in the long run. Here are a few popular communication channels that have been adopted by companies across different sectors in the country:  

Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS services have proved it again and again that it is an effective channel to reach out to prospective customers. With mobile penetration exceeding 100% in India, SMS marketing is convenient to reach your customers. This communication channel is considered to be cost-effective as well as time-saving by the industry experts. Many education organizations use bulk SMS marketing services to stay connected with the staff, students, and parents of students.  

Toll-Free Number

Owning a toll-free number has been observed to be a great business asset for any company. It actually inspires confidence among prospective customers and encourages them to invest in your product or service. These 1800 numbers help build your brand and increase sales and ROI at the same time. Toll-free numbers are often easy to remember numbers. They are also useful in tracking insights and generate real-time data which are used to create reports which will be useful for creating future strategies. Many fast-food joints like Pizza Hut, Burger King have a toll-free number to make it easier for their customers to place their orders. These numbers are the same throughout the country so that it is easier for customers to remember as well.  

Integrated Voice Response (IVR)

The Integrated Voice Response is a customer service technology that allows humans to interact with a computer through voice and DTMF tones that are entered via a keypad. IVR is a 24/7 service that allows customers to have a more personalized experience when they contact your organization. In most cases, IVR service offers customers the chance to talk to a direct agent if they so desire. Agents often follow up the calls with an email or SMS to ensure that the customers’ queries have been answered to the utmost satisfaction. The top telecommunication companies like Airtel, Vodafone and so on in India and across the globe use the IVR system to arm the customers with an easy way to use their services.  

Call Back Service

Call back service allows customers to leave a date and time when they are available for a call. This communication channel is more convenient for customers and time-saving for companies. The callback service often involves the customer leaving a message on the company’s website or sending a message to a particular number. Amazon, the top e-commerce website in India, uses the callback service to make it easier for customers to place a complaint or make inquiries about their orders.  

Missed Call Service

Many leading organizations across the country have started using the Missed Call Service to keep the communication channel open with the customers. The service is activated when the customer leaves a missed call at a particular number established by the organization. In fact, Federal Bank uses this service to connect with their customers across the country.  

Bulk Voice Call

Bulk voice calls are another commonly used communication channel to reach out to existing as well as prospective customers. With almost everyone in the country owning a mobile phone, bulk voice calls have proven to be a very effective method of communication.  

Social Media

Social media platforms have a wide reach across the entire market. You can create a marketing strategy that reaches out to your target audience. In fact, many companies have been able to improve their sales due to their better visibility on popular social media platforms. With a smartphone not too far from the reach of almost the entire human population, reaching out to prospective customers via social media platforms is a sure way to improve sales.  Several companies like Myntra, Jaypore and so on have been using social media to push their products on their target audience.  


Almost every successful company in the market today use a combination of or all of the above-mentioned communication channels to ensure that they deliver their message to their existing and prospective customers. In fact, with growing competition, it has become critical for companies to explore every available communication channel to promote their brand among the general public. According to the experts in the industry, retaining an existing customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one. All of the above-mentioned communication channels are a useful way of ensuring that the relationship with your existing customers stays strong and steady. After all, competitors are waiting at every corner to snag a new customer. People want authentic communication these days. They have learned to distinguish between unoriginal communications which sounds generic. It is up to you as a business to ensure that your message stands out and resonates with your customer and target audience. The role of branding in marketing has been established time and again with the various success stories abound across different sectors. In fact, small businesses have also managed to compete with big businesses due to the effective employment of smart marketing strategies. So you need to up your game and ensure that you employ all available communication channels to market your brand and reach your target audience.