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Call Center Modules

SL Platform
Transform How You Communicate, Collaborate, and Serve Your Customers
Inbound Calls
Outbound Calls
Blended Calls

Inbound Call Center

Distinguish your brand in the crowded marketplace and deliver exceptional customer service using the sophisticated routing capabilities of the SL Inbound Contact Center.

Quickly provide the responsiveness and well-informed agents that your customers are looking for.


Outbound Call Center

SL offers multiple automated dialing solutions so you can choose the technology that aligns best with your environment and goals. Sales, marketing, non-profit agencies,

and collections organizations of all sizes have experienced productivity gains of up to 300% with the SL outbound solutions.

Make it happen with SL.

Blended Call Center

Advantage of blended call centre is during pick time of incoming calls, the calls will land to outbound agents and during low incoming period, inbound agents switch to outbound calls.

Calls volume load balances automatically, customers are not more on waiting, increases customer satisfaction.

Engage Better, Respond Faster
Empower your Agents

SL Multichannel Contact Center Applications—powered by our unique technology layer called
SL Connect—enable your agents to move seamlessly between social media, mobile care,
live chat, email, and voice calls. They’ll be able to respond more efficiently and provide customers with a better experience across all channels.

Voice calls

Make It Happen With SLive

Are you looking to grow business with net-new customers while up-selling to existing customers? Do you need to find good leads, improve contact ratios, and close
business? Stop wasting time on manual dialing and managing leads. Outbound Contact Center automates lead and campaign management, so you can create
an automated marketing and sales funnel that achieves your outbound goals.

Workforce Optimization captures and
analyzes customer interactions

Analyze, monitor and manage your operator performance in interacting
with customers by capturing their voice calls, email, web chat sessions,
message and more. This records is essential to evaluate customer
satisfaction and improve employees performance.

Visual Dashboard for critical business
insights for full control

The dashboard gives you 360 degree view performance of call center,
easy to take decision on live environment where you need to focus
resources. Data can be view and extract daily, monthly or customised
filtered option.


Result driven inputs

Blend of advance technology and communication channels with mangement to perfect match
the solution for the enterprise requirement.

Our solution architech people will work with you to analyse the industry, use case, current senario and space to colaborate the solutions with current infrastructre, till the resolution in mind to make the project differencite in terms of efficiency and cost effective.
Solutions Design
After gathering information and meeting with client with possibilities and after approval we will start the necessary development to make it in reality.
The last part is the execution part which includes make necessary implimentation of hardware engineering, integration and implimentation. After successful implimention and testing, we start tracking the result for smooth operation.


Powerful features in an elegant, straightforward API

Advance technology
Be the leader on your industry. Win the loyality of customer by making them happy and update with the latest technology.
We do make agreement for the service uptime for your peace of mind.
MultiLayer Security
The infra secured with Apps level, OS level and Network level, all updated security patches will update with times
Unmatched Support
Engineers are avilable for Email, Phone, Chat support for your query.