Now connect with your multiple offices.


Everytime connected to the right person.

SL IPPBX is a unique product that supports and integrated with your
existing channels whether VOIP/TDM/PRI/GSM/PSTN to unlease the power of your resources.

Increase the efficiency of communication by integrating with your apps, databases
to serve the client more efficiently with the right information customer wanted.
Colaborate with multiple channels to serve the client, makes convinient for your
operator to analise all communication from both sides, gives more power to operator
for handle the queries, issues or support for your product.

Office communicaiton

It enable multiple offices to connect each office as one office and one communication
system. All employees will connect each other even if they seat in different places.

Even if remote employees will be connected as they are working in office and
everyone reach each other though extension. Customer always get the service
wanted, increase client confidence.

Incoming call management

Calls will be routed with location based, language preference, alternate operator,
or skill based deliver mechanism. Voicemail option for the caller if unable to pick the call.

Outgoing call management

Make the outgoing route as required, least cost route for reduce the interantional call

Platform that unites your web apps, multiple communicate channels, business and customer.

1. Cost Effective

Streamline communications with a single solution. Scale across locations large and small reduce overhead costs for administration, dynamically optimize bandwidth, virtualize you core communications capabilities, and keep everyone connected regardless of location

2. Resilient

Configure you platform for up to 99.999% availability. Keep your business
Communications and customer contact solutions up and running. Providing a dependable and consistent link between your enterprise and the outside world.

3. Investment Protection

Continue moving forward across digital, IP, and SIP-based solutions with core and
application upgrade paths that renew and extend your investment.

Improve Customer Service

Streamline your customer contact center with powerful tools and agent clients that
Support voice. Web chat, email, and video chat. See customer’s interaction histories and
social media postings. As well as a list of company experts available to help answer
questions. All with the reporting and data capture necessary to make tomorrow’s
operations even more successful than today’s.


Result driven inputs

Blend of advance technology and communication channels with mangement to perfect match the solution for the enterprise requirement.

  • Analysis

    Our solution architech people will work with you to analyse the industry, use case, current senario and space to colaborate the solutions with current infrastructre, till the resolution in mind to make the project differencite in terms of efficiency and cost effective.

  • Solutions Design

    After gathering information and meeting with client with possibilities and after approval we will start the necessary development to make it in reality.

  • Execution

    The last part is the execution part which includes make necessary implimentation of hardware engineering, integration and implimentation. After successful implimention and testing, we start tracking the result for smooth operation.


Powerful features in an elegant, straightforward API

  • Advance technology

    Be the leader on your industry. Win the loyality of customer by making them happy and update with the latest technology.

  • Service UPTIME SLA

    We do make agreement for the service uptime for your peace of mind.

  • MultiLayer Security

    The infra secured with Apps level, OS level and Network level, all updated security patches will update with times

  • Unmatched Support

    Engineers are avilable for Email, Phone, Chat support for your query.