SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing – which marketing channel you should choose?

Marketing communication is a fundamental and complex part of a company’s marketing efforts deployed to communicate with the market. Marketing strategies continue to evolve as new technologies emerge with constant change in consumer preferences. With many different channels for your marketing campaigns, it can be challenging to wear down your options.   SMS marketing and Email marketing play equally important roles in an overall marketing strategy. It can be complex to derive which mode of communication will fetch you more returns on your investment for every campaign that is run.  How different are SMS and Email marketing? How will they benefit marketers? Which is the best-suited mode of communication?   

SMS Marketing 

  SMS marketing is a mode of communicating information, promotional, and transactional messages. This form of communication mostly involves time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts.      

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  Open Rate – Multiple studies have proved that SMS marketing has an open rate of 98%  Delivery – You can certainly be sure with your customers receiving your communication once clicked on send, without having to worry about a spam folder   Click-through Rate – An average click-through rate for an SMS stands at 19% Customer Engagement – SMS marketing strengthens your customer engagement making your business more accessible.  Through SandeshLive you can create personalized and customized SMS Marketing Campaigns to get the best ROI of your marketing campaign.    

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a mode of communication that majorly is a part of digital marketing sending commercial offers and updates as a message or sometimes through newsletters.     

Benefits of Email Marketing

Branding – Email communication provides a chance to stand out by creating voice and presents with a brand identity. Customization – Email marketing comes with its ability for personalization. Allowing more freedom to customize the messages and more connected to the customers as a brand. Cost – Email marketing is a more cost-effective method of communication to send non – time sensitive messages.   


While email and SMS are both effective ways to communicate, there certainly are messages that are best suited for each channel. Email is a great medium for sending longer messages that include images and attachments.  SMS, on the other hand, is the perfect communication channel for brief, appropriate information or offers. It is a perfect way to effectively reach your customers and keep them coming back.  Various sources report, SMS open and response rates as high as 98% and 45%, respectively — in contrast to corresponding figures of 20% and 6% for email. The average person replies to a text message within 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes for an email. Even though the world is distracting, text message marketing is a direct route to the attention of your audience.   
Key to being effective, text messages must be crisp, short and sweet.