Telco’s will charge 0.025 INR per message as a DLT service fees

Recently, the TRAI announced that it is ready with its blockchain-based DLT platform to overcome fraud and SMS spam and every entity/ business needs to registers with the TRAI DLT Platform. The latest notification we are getting from telco’s about DLT service fees also known as DLT scrubbing charge.  The fee for DLT services would be 0.025 INR per message submitted to the platform. Telco’s would charge DLT service fees from 1st March 2020 onwards. 
Note:- The earlier date for DLT Service Fees withdrawn and the same will effective from 1st September 2020.
To overcome fraud and SMS spam TRAI Create a regulation framework, Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, henceforth referred to as the TCCCPR. The TCCCPR is a significant step towards regulating unsolicited commercial communication. The new regulatory framework has devolved control and regulatory powers to access providers. The Regulations will take effect in a phased manner over a period of days, starting with access providers being made responsible for registering all entities making commercial communications and ensuring their compliance with the TCCCPR Regulations. We at Sandeshlive deeply value our business association and would hence take you through the process of complying with the regulations specified by the TCCCPR in a disciplined manner. SandeshLive seeks your support in onboarding the Enterprises and ensuring that all the messages are scrubbed as directed by the Regulator, thereby making A2P Messages much more valuable to the mobile user as a medium.   As always SandeshLive value your partnership and seek your support in making this endeavor a joint success.
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