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The silent salesperson of your company, a way to build customer loyalty.
Tollfree integrated with our cloud telephony platform.
Powerful cloud telephony features.

Tollfree Benefits

If you have a toll-free number through which customers can call you conveniently,you can increase your sales and generate a lot of revenue for your business with the best toll free number service provider there is. It is used by a large number of popular brands to enhance their customer relationships.

Sandesh Live is a leading company that offers a comprehensive communication solution through its toll-free number services. Our company is a reputed toll-free number service provider which caters a convenient way for companies to strengthen their business with a customer position and services to become a client friendly company.

Our service gives the customers a constructive marketing channel to create a strong identity for their company which can, in turn, increase their customer loyalty. This service is helpful in boosting sales and it also helps improve customer service by allowing customers to solve their queries with no cost associated.

Cloud IVRS Features

Design Customized IVRs With SandeshLive IVR System


Greet your user with proffessional voice 24*7, and ask for input to distribute calls right department.

Call History

Track missed call, received calls, operators. and your advertisement performance on the web.

Call Recording

For monitoring and improvement all calls can be recorded and access using web management tools.

Number never busy

Now no busy tone, multiple calls can be handle at the same time and routed to alternate operator.

Ring Method

Ring all, Sequential and Round robin call will be distributed with advance distribution methods.

Music on hold

Now promote your product while your client is on hold. Your telephone generate revenue for business.

Web Management

On the go access your telephone for monitor, configure and management. Improves productivity.

Voice mail

Option to receive voice mail in office off hours or holidays, listen voice when you are avialble.

CRM Integration

Powerful API is available to integrate with your CRM. CRM will merge the communicaiton with the client.

Direct Extension

Your customer will reach directly with the desired operator by dialling the extension.

SMS Notification

SMS will deliver to caller with greetings or various information and operator with call details.

Black list

This features enables to restrict unwanted calls. Save your valuable business time.

Intelligent Architecture

API developed to work with a wide range of applications

Advance Delivery

Creativity is at the core of our business values. The team is given the freedom to take informed, responsible risks.

Service Uptime SLA

We rely on the state-of-the-art infrastructure to guarantee maximum uptime and make service accessible round the clock.

MultiLayer Security

Our multi-layer security makes your services secure at App level, OS level and Network level.

Unmatched Support

Over certified engineers are available 24X7 for email, phone and chat support.