DLT Platform going live from 1st June, TRAI DLT registration guideline

TRAI DLT Registration is mandatory now for  Entity/Enterprise. DLT  Platform going live from 1st June 2020. Post 1st June 2020, as per TRAI direction, SMS services of only registered entities will be allowed from operators. Those businesses who not register entity or header on the DLT platform will face problems in sending SMS.  
The TRAI, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had issued some draft guidelines to control the SMS spam from various marketing firms last year. That had prompted many mobile operators to invest both time and money on the latest blockchain technology. Recently, the TRAI announced that it is ready with its blockchain-based DLT platform to overcome fraud and SMS spam. 
The Ultimate guide to TRAI DLT Template Registration
  What is DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology? The DLT is a kind of shared database in a large network and each user or participant can use and update it independently. The ledger keeps track of all the transactions made by the network participants. Every record will have a unique cryptographic signature and a timestamp that aids in auditing and preventing fraudulent transactions. TRAI has made some regulations that require the telcos to record the preference of users on a preference registry and the consent on a consent registry using DLT. The user can withdraw the consent at any time if the service is no longer relevant or if the consent is abused. These regulations are in a bid to secure the user’s information through cryptography and also to have bookkeeping based on consensus. By obtaining consensus from the user, the risk of frauds is reduced as all transactions are done only after getting consent from the participants.   What should the Telcos do? The DLT is one of its kind technology that prevents customer information to be leaked. As per the rules laid out by TRAI, telecom operators have to use blockchain technology to increase confidentiality, make their application, non-repudiative, and also prevent subscriber’s data from being accessed without authorization. It also helps to prevent unwanted calls as well as spam SMS.   The marketing companies or other businesses that want to send promotional messages to DND (Do not disturb).  Customers will have to get consent every year using the DLT platform. This applies even to users who have already given their consent but that can be misused. The new system has an app from TRAI where the consent can be revoked by the mobile subscriber whenever desired.   SMS templates that are approved by telemarketers will also be needed by enterprises. After the DLT platform goes live, the enterprises will have to register and get their sender IDs with the telemarketers. The process of getting the sender IDs is the same as registering a domain. Once the unique sender ID is obtained it is blocked under the name of the registrant across all the telecom operators and can only be used by the registered company.   After the failure of the DND registry and the current regulations, the TRAI expects the use of a blockchain-based DLT platform to bring more success in the prevention of financial frauds and spam calls. Telecom marketers who use SMS services have started upgrading their platforms. For example, Sandeshlive upgraded the application to follow DLT rules. That allows authorized marketing agencies to send messages to subscribers who have opted to receive SMS and calls.   DLT will make TRAIs forensics easy as it will help to quickly find those who breach the guidelines. It exposes both, the agencies that send spam SMS and those users who lie about DND preference. There is also less chance of data breach.
Telco’s will charge 0.02 INR per massage as a DLT service fees.
FAQ- TRAI DLT Registration
We at SandeshLive deeply value our business association and would hence take you through the process of complying with the regulations specified by the TCCCPR 2018/DLT Registration in a disciplined manner. The phases involved would be: Phase I- Registration of Entities Let us begin by simplifying the documents required to get registered. Documents required for registering an ENTITY: Self-certification by an authorized signatory A letter on the company letterhead self-certified by authorized signatory clearly stating the name, designation, signature & company seal. Proof of authorized signatory (authorization letter) A letter on the company letterhead authorizing an individual to act on behalf of the organization. Proof of Identity of authorized signatory PAN copy of authorized signatory. Proof of Address (differs as per the type of industry) Any of the following documents- Aadhar Card, Election Commission ID, Passport, Electricity Bill (Not Older than 3 months), Telephone Bill (Not Older than 3 months), Lease Agreement/Registered Sale. Consent letter from Business Entity Letter on company letterhead authorizing the Telemarketer. Registration fee (INR 5900/- or INR 5900/- plus processing fees whichever would be applicable/higher) This fee is non-refundable. An acceptable mode of payment would include Cheque/DD. In case an Entity prefers to complete the registration process themselves, the fee would be processed in the name of the concerned operator as directed. Service Fee (INR 1199/-) Pan Number (Entity), GST Number (Govt.), Aadhaar Number of Authorized Signatory.   Post completion of Entity registration, the following phases would be implemented: Phase II- Registration of Headers Sender ID also is known as Headers and every header needs to be approved and registered with the Telecom Operators. Once registration is approved then login into your DLT Platform and add your Headers (Sender ID) and it will be approved in 24 to 48 hours.   Phase III- Registration of Templates     1. Once registration & Sender ID Approved then log in to the DLT portal. 2. Navigate to “TEMPLATES” and Select Template type [Transactional, Promotional, Service(Transactional Opt-In` type messages)] 3. Select Industry of your business and Type of SMS. 4. Fill in the Template Name, Type, and format of the message. 5. You have to fill in a Header (or SenderID) that is approved. 6. Then submit the Template for approval.   DLT Registration Platform by Operator
Vodafone- Idea DLT Airtel DLT MTNL DLT JIO DLT TATA Telecommunication DLT Videocon DLT BSNL DLT Note:- For Sandeshlive users, Users need to send their documents to your account manager or Support. For more information, contact your account manager or Sandeshlive support team.
  SandeshLive would be with you every step of the way and request you to arrange for these documents so that Phase I of Registering Business Entities have initiated. For any queries regarding DLT, you may reach out to us at [email protected] or Chat with Our Expert.  
Trai issue a guideline on 20 January 2020 about Direction on implementation of TCCCPR 2018 

The last Date of DLT Registration is 31st May. From the 1st June 2020 DLT System go live and business will face problems in communication if DLT Registration not done.