Learn all the essential information about WhatsApp Business API in this comprehensive guide.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app with over 1.5 billion daily active users.It’s an effective platform for businesses to connect with their customers, and the WhatsApp Business API takes this communication to the next level.

A) What Is WhatsApp Business API?

  • WhatsApp Business App
  • Features Of WhatsApp Business App
  • How is WhatsApp API different from WhatsApp Business App?
  • WhatsApp Business API Solution Providers: BSPs

B) Key Features of WhatsApp Business API

C) Is WhatsApp Business API right for you?

D) The Components Of A WhatsApp Business Account

  • WhatsApp API for Business: Business Profile
  • WhatsApp Business API: Phone Number

E) Getting Started With SandeshLIVE

F) Getting WhatsApp Business API In Under 30 Minutes

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G) WhatsApp Business API Pricing

  • Automate WhatsApp messages at scale


WhatsApp Business API: Everything You Need To Know

But what exactly is the WhatsApp Business API? It’s a powerful tool that allows businesses to send messages to customers in a personalized and automated manner, through the use of chatbots and APIs. This means that
businesses can save time and resources while still providing top-notch customer support.

Getting started with the WhatsApp Business API involves creating an account, managing contacts, and following best practices for sending messages. With the right approach and strategy, SMBs can leverage the
WhatsApp Business API to enhance their customer experience and drive growth.


WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business Web extension are free tools designed for small businesses to connect with customers, offer products and services, and provide support. However, their capabilities are limited and not suited for large-scale businesses.

Features Of WhatsApp Business App

  • Canned/quick replies
  • Dedicated WhatsApp Business App
  • Conversation labels
  • Set away messages
  • Dedicated business profile/hours
  • No integration with other systems like Chatbot, CRM
  • One person usage


How is WhatsApp Business API different from WhatsApp Business App?

WhatsApp Business App is designed for small businesses to connect with customers, offer products/services, and provide support. However, it lacks the advanced features needed to scale business operations, such as bulk messaging and automated triggers.

WhatsApp API, on the other hand, offers chat automation features, including integration with other software and automatic message triggers. Unlike the Business App, it has no front-end interface and needs to be integrated directly into business software.

To access WhatsApp API, businesses must go through WhatsApp Business Solution Providers or BSPs, who offer support for multiple logins and dashboards to manage messaging at scale.

WhatsApp Business API Solution Providers: BSPs

The WhatsApp Business API Platform is currently available only through selected third-party solution providers (BSPs) chosen by Facebook. These BSPs offer WhatsApp APIs for businesses to build their solutions and communicate with customers for approved use cases of customer support and time-sensitive personalized notifications.

SandeshLIVE is a WhatsApp API provider and BSP that offers a complete WhatsApp CRM solution with a dedicated Team Inbox to manage communications. By integrating SandeshLIVE with your WhatsApp Business API number, you can access all the features of WhatsApp Business API directly through SandeshLIVE.

Key Features of WhatsApp Business API

  • Integrations with tools like CRM, analytics, and third-party apps
  • Green Tick, verified WhatsApp Business profile
  • Messages Broadcast for bulk notifications
  • No app or interface, use via BSPs or CRM
  • WhatsApp Chatbot & interactive messages support
  • Multi-agent access for customer support


Ready to get started with WhatsApp Business API? Sign up with SandeshLIVE and we’ll guide
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First, let’s explore the various features and aspects of WhatsApp Business API in detail.

Is WhatsApp Business API right for you?

  • WhatsApp Business App is suitable for small businesses while WhatsApp Business API is built for businesses that want to scale.
  • WhatsApp Business App lacks features like bulk messaging and chat automation that
    are available in the WhatsApp Business API.
  • WhatsApp Business API can only be accessed via WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs).
  • BSPs offer WhatsApp APIs for businesses to build their solutions on top of and manage customer communications.
  • WhatsAPP BSP provides a complete WhatsApp CRM with a dedicated Team Inbox for businesses to manage their WhatsApp communications.
  • Deciding whether to use WhatsApp Business App or API depends on factors such as the size of the business, expected conversation volume, need for chat automation and third-party tools, and use cases for WhatsApp.


The Components Of A WhatsApp Business API Account to start There are two major components of WhatsApp Business API:
A. WhatsApp Business Profile
B. Phone number

A) WhatsApp Business Profile

  1. When creating a WhatsApp Business Profile, it’s important to follow the guidelines provided by WhatsApp to ensure that your profile is optimized for customer engagement.
  2. These guidelines include updating your profile picture, creating a clear and concise business description, providing accurate business information such as your address and website, and using appropriate
    language and tone in your messages. By following these guidelines,you can create a professional and informative profile that will help build trust with your customers and increase engagement on the platform.

B) Phone number

  1. To use the WhatsApp Business API, you need to associate a phone number with your account. The phone number you choose should be able to receive calls or SMS as it requires OTP verification via SMS.
  2. It is recommended to use a phone number that is not in use for any other WhatsApp account. While it is possible to migrate your phone number from the WhatsApp Business App to the API, it is not allowed to go back from the API to the App, according to WhatsApp guidelines.


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